For the classroom 4-11

The angel’s message:

At Riverside Primary School in Southwark, our 5- to 6-year-olds were learning about Islam. They thought about the messages that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) received from the Angel Jibril, and began to learn about the Muslim holy book, the Qur’an. I taught them that in Islamic understanding, all the Prophets, including Moses and Jesus, received messages from God. The Last Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh) received the first Revelation in a cave from the mighty Angel Jibril. My children looked at some examples of (simplified) sayings from the Qur’an that were a part of the message, and they heard some stories of the Prophet’s (pbuh) life. The children identified with the fact that Muhammad (pbuh) said he could not read or recite: they feel this acutely for themselves. Then came the big question: if an angel sent a message to Earth today, what would it say? With a whole-school focus on writing, the children took a piece of golden paper and created their angel messages for today’s planet.

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