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GCSE RS for all…

Having worked in a mainstream for 20 years, I am fully aware that delivering ‘compulsory’ RE Key Stage 4 can be a challenge. It is true, however, that delivering compulsory RE to Key Stage 4 in a pupil referral unit presents an altogether different challenge!
When I arrived at City of Birmingham School three years ago, there was no RE curriculum to speak of. Non-specialist staff had been delivering minimal RE with fairly limited resources. The fairly new senior leadership team recognised the value and importance of RE, and so we planned to roll it out across Key Stage 4 in the form of a short-course GCSE. My job was to implement a full RE curriculum for key stages 3 and 4, including the delivery of short-course RS to all Year 10 and Year 11 pupils. A challenge, I thought, but not an impossible task. I underestimated the scale of the challenge a little!

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