For the staffroom

Inside a faith

1. Please mention a story from your religion/belief that meant a lot to you as a child, and say why.
2. What story or stories do you think children should know about from the origins of your religion/belief?
3. It is sometimes said that you can’t have Christianity without Jesus, but you could have Buddhism without Buddha. In your religion/belief, is the story of the way the faith began essential, or not? Why?
4. What place does storytelling have in your contemporary community of religion/belief?
5. ‘Religions are one of the best ways humanity has invented for telling us the story of who we are, where we fit in and why we matter.’ How do you see this idea?
6. ‘We all tell ourselves and each other the story of our own lives; it is what memory is for.’ In the story of your own life, what part does religion play?
7. Is there anything else you would like to add on this theme?

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