Theory and practice

Making RE accessible to all: an online dialogue about teaching RE to children with special educational needs and disabilities 

This article reports on an online dialogue about RE and special educational needs and disabilities that took place in autumn 2021 between Rebecca (Becky) Pearce, a primary school teacher and 2021–22 Farmington Scholar; her tutor, Janet Orchard; Anne Krisman, a former Farmington Scholar and a highly respected expert teacher of RE and special educational needs; and Michelle Ornstein, who is one of Anne’s former pupils. At the start of Becky’s Scholarship, Janet suggested that Anne would be a good person for Becky to talk to about her topic, and pointed out that one of the advantages of normalising online meetings through the COVID-19 pandemic. was that a regular Farmington tutorial could easily accommodate a guest … or two, when Anne suggested Michelle should also be part of the discussion. Becky and Anne report on what proved a thoughtful and educative conversation.

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