Theory and practice


We asked people questions to get them thinking about their perspectives on values and ethics. You might want to use these personal, real-life reflections in your RE lessons, or perhaps invite pupils to respond to the questions themselves.

Here are the questions we asked our contributors:

1. Religion and belief systems can give people a powerful sense of right and wrong. In what ways do you feel that your religious or non-religious beliefs have shaped your values and ways of living?

2. What do you see as the main ethical issues and debates in current times?

3. Is there a scripture or source of wisdom about morality that inspires you?

4. Are there basic tenets of morality and shared values that unite people within your belief community, and are there issues that cause division and dispute among you?

5. What are your views on whether religions should change with the times in regard to values and ethics?

6. People’s values and morals are not static. How have your values and your approaches to living ethically changed over the years? Are they still changing?

7. In RE, children and young people explore values and ethics in society, religion and belief systems, and of course their personal perspectives too. What message would you give to teachers of RE, in relation to values and ethics in the RE classroom?

8. What else would you like to say on this topic?

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