JEROME FLYNN: on the challenging new film, Land of Ahimsa

I met Dolly whilst attending a vegan and sustainability conference in Pune just before lockdown. I was drawn to supporting her film for several reasons. India is very dear to my heart, having spent much time there over 8 consecutive years on spiritual retreat in my 30's. It was a transformative time for me. I've heard it said that India is the heart Chakra, or the World and I would agree. Coming from England, I experienced a very strong palpable heart energy vibrating through the land and people. It helped me to understand and experience the web of interconnectedness that we are all so intimately involved in. For me India has a tangible energy running through the land, animals and people; something I might call the sacred heart energy or universal love. So, when I learnt that India had been given the name ‘The Land of Ahisma’ this made total sense to me. When Dolly told me about her film, being an animal lover and something of a voice for ending animal cruelty, I just thought it was a wonderful idea for a documentary that could really speak to the conscience of the people. It is only through learning the truth about the appalling mistreatment to the majority of our farmed animals that change is going to happen. For India to lead the way by honouring title of Land of Ahimsa, would have a huge impact globally, and of course for the people and beings of India herself.

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