Academic rigour and personal transformation through reflection.

This research update discusses two current projects of interest to teachers. ‘After Religious Education’, led by Dr David Lewin, focuses on some of the most significant issues currently facing the subject. In its early stages, the project aims to draw upon the strengths of different disciplines, including education studies and the study of religion, as well as classroom practitioners. This will be particularly interesting for those interested in curriculum design and teaching and learning. You can read a fuller account of this initiative in the main section of REtoday. The second study, led by Dr Jon Hoover, discusses the work of the mediaeval Muslim scholar Ibn Taymiyya. This thinker considered a variety of areas, including issues connected to the problem of evil. Particularly interesting are his thoughts on whether God is inside or outside of time and space, and the implications of the answers to this question. This piece will be very useful for those studying the problem of evil at A level, as well as units that explore the attributes of God.

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