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Inside a faith 

We invited members of different communities to share their ideas about the theme of REToday for this term, and the following pages give their views. You could use these questions with senior students in your school as well, though question 7 is more for adults.
Many lenses to look at religion: ideas and perspectives from different worldviews
1 When you were a child or young person, can you recall what first brought your religion or worldview into
focus for you?
2 If you put your religion under the microscope, can you give an example of something from your scriptures
that really inspires you?
3 What details of your faith particularly please you? What in your religion looks good in great detail to you?
4 If you think of the big picture of your faith/religion/worldview, what would you say are the most
significant ideas/beliefs/principles of the faith?
5 When outsiders look at your faith/religion/worldview, what do you think they miss too easily (sometimes
seeing the externals of the faith means people can miss the spiritual heart of it)?
6 Sometimes as insiders we see our own religion in rose-tinted terms. But all religions have a dark side in
some ways too. Can you comment on the image of your religion – how it is perceived in the UK today?
7 Lenses RE is keen to use more philosophy/psychology/sociology/theology. In your own academic
background, which disciplinary lenses do you think we need to use more in RE? How, and why?
8 What else would you like to add on the topic of ‘many lenses on religions’?

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