For the classroom 4-7

‘What are stories of creation?’ How I used a NATRE resource to introduce younger learners to diverse perspectives 

Last year I attended the Excellent RE course run by Adam Robertson in which we began to look at multidisciplinary RE. In the sessions, we looked at different ways of knowing and how they might be explored with pupils.

My Term 5 RE unit was ‘F6: What is special about our world?’, I decided to use the NATRE resource ‘What are stories of creation?’ (see the end of the article for the link to this members’ only resource) for a sustained learning opportunity. In this resource, pupils think theologically by examining both the Christian and the Inuit stories of creation, and thinking about how they are similar and different. I chose this because I thought that pupils would be fascinated to find out that different cultures have stories for how the world began.

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