Theory and practice

Spirituality and RE in schools: learning from Living Difference IV

Dr Patricia Hannam and Justine Ball

Patricia Hannam was until November 2022 County Inspector/Adviser for RE, History & Philosophy in Hampshire. She holds an Honorary Research Fellowship at the University of Exeter, and her current research and writing interests lie in relation to teaching, as part of a restorative education in a time of climate and ecological collapse. Her book Religious Education and the Public Sphere was published by Routledge in 2019 and Religion and education: The forgotten dimensions of religious education, co-authored with Gert Biesta, was published in 2021.

Justine Ball is the County Inspector/Adviser for RE and History in Hampshire and has a Theology degree from Oxford University and a Masters in Religious Studies from Chester University. She was until recently the Co-chair of AREIAC and is the Co-chair of the London AREIAC. She is also the South East RE Hubs leader. Justine is the author of ‘Decolonising the Teaching of Jesus in English Primary Schools’ published in the Journal of Religious Education in 2022.

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