For the staffroom

What’s worth celebrating?

We asked members of different faith and belief communities a set of questions about their own lives of celebration. Here Buddhist, Bahá’í, Christian, Sikh and Muslim respondents explain what celebration means for them. Get students to answer the questions for themselves, at similar depth.
1 When you were a child, can you remember a special day of celebration? Can you describe it for us, and focus on your emotions?
2 All religions have some annual and some regular shorter-term celebrations. Which ones matter most in your faith, and why?
3 Sometimes celebrations are about memory, history and tradition. Can you give examples of how these are important to you personally?
4 Sometimes celebrations are about values, generosity and the future of the community. Can you give examples of these? What is exciting about the things your community finds worth celebrating?
5 Sometimes festivals can get side-tracked into tinselly fripperies and things not really meant to be at the centre. Does this happen in your
community? What can help make sure a festival holds on to its true meaning? Please give an example.
6 Do you think your religion’s festivals will be growing stronger or dying out in the coming 50 years?
7 Festivals are a key way of passing the faith to children, the next generation. How do you do this in your community? What makes it effective?

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